Surfing In Florida

Surfing is a huge thing in Florida, and the state has spawned some of the best surfers in the world.  Kelly Slater, the best competitive surfer in the history of the sport, hails from Florida. The Hobgood brothers also come from the citrus state.  So before you pass Florida up on your surf trip destination list, think about that!

Sebastian Inlet is probably the best bet for consistent surf in the state.  It is divided up into three breaks; first, second, and third peak.  The downside is that this area can get quite crowded.

Florida has a LOT of beach breaks, and shifting sandbars can create surf spots in rather unusual locations, which can be then gone after the next storm.

Although the state is not well known for super consistent surf (flat spells in the summer can cause people to go nuts, but it’s like that for the entire Eastern seaboard), the warm temperatures can make up for it.  The water temperatures reach the 80s in the summer, lending a tropical feel to the white sand beaches.  Boca Raton is another consistent beach with surf, but no big name surfers have sprung up from the area.

If you want more information about EVERYTHING that has to do with surfing in Florida, then check out Florida Surfing.

Do you have to worry about sharks in Florida?  I would say yes.  Although there aren’t many fatal attacks in Florida, there are quite a few bites when compared to the frequency of shark attacks in other areas.

The proximity to Puerto Rico is another plus for Floridians who love to surf.  Just a hop skip and a jump and you’re in the Hawaii of the Atlantic, with excellent surf and a tropical feel.